About us

JSC Human Development Group has been operating since 2016. The company employs specialists in the field of information technology, communications, health and social sciences.

The key mission of the company is to implement projects in the field of social entrepreneurship, which primarily involves the solution of social problems, thereby improving living standards of citizens..

Using innovative methods and technologies, we provide advanced solutions for companies of any industry if they are interested in achieving high results, solve pressing social problems, fill the gap between consumers and social service providers, increasing their affordability.


  • HMS
  • PHR
  • PHR MB

Currently, the company has implemented a number of major projects to provide informational support to enterprises delivering social services to the public:

  • MIS ELSI Med in all medical organizations of Zhambyl Region
  • Digitalization of the Russian insurance company VTB Medical Insurance
  • Free social internet service
  • Automation of Customs Service
  • Automation of "Berkut" border passport control system
  • MIS ELSI Med at the Emergency Hospital in Aktobe and the Central District Hospital in the city of Chromtau
  • MIS ELSI Med in the East Kazakhstan Regional Hospital
  • MIS ELSI Med in the Hospital with a polyclinic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the city of Astana
Actual projects

Innovative Employee Health Management System

Instead of a standard corporate contract for DMI, we move to targeted work with each employee, continuous monitoring of health and telemedicine technologies. As a result, we improve the health of the company's employees and their performance.
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We are always open for cooperationif you are interested in the projects of our company.

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